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5 Easy Thanksgiving Place Settings Ideas.

5 Easy Thanksgiving Place Settings Ideas.

I don’t know about you but I look forward to Thanksgiving.

The highlight of Thanksgiving is the scrumptious food that is steeped with tradition and has a special place in my heart.

The mashed potatoes and gravy.

For my family it’s my mother in law’s amazing sausage stuffing and my mom’s pumpkin pie.

Not to mention the juicy turkey cooked to perfection.


Most of the time our focus is on the food for Thanksgiving but today I want to share another big part of Thanksgiving.

It’s the special moment when your family and friends walk through the door.

They are not only greeted with the familiar smells of Thanksgiving dinner but are enamored by the beauty of the dining table.

This is where the shared joys of gathering takes place.

Memories of being together are held dear throughout the year until the next time around.

And it’s around the dinner table these memories are made.

The time and effort to plan this part of Thanksgiving is just as important as preparing the food.

I want to inspire you with easy ideas that will hopefully help you think about how to put together a simple table that doesn’t have to be fancy.

Nor should it cost a lot.

After all it’s being together and enjoying the blessings of all we have to be thankful for that matters the most.

Now, let’s get these ideas rolling!

Table Setting #1:

To start off I placed a tan linen table cloth on the table.

I’m using this for all my table settings.

I purchased it on Etsy last year.

It’s made with high quality thick linen fabric.

Super nice.

I will link the exact one, here.

To set the table I started with the wood charger.

This adds warmth and a subtle brown color of fall.

Layering on top I placed a white Pottery Barn dinner plate.

On top of that I put a red Transferware plate called, English Abbey. So pretty!

This will provide each guest with another plate to get seconds.

Or for dessert of course!

Who doesn’t indulge on Thanksgiving day?

On top of that I have a red Transferware teacup and saucer.

This is a tip.

When the meal is over there is something about a good cup of coffee afterwards that finishes the meal.

Having a teacup and saucer ready for that is a nice touch to your table setting.

2nd Tip.

A white napkin wrapped with burlap twine, like in the photo above, with a name tag for your guest is simple to put together.

Name tags are an easy way to create harmony when it’s time for everyone to sit around the table.

Not only does it keep from being asked multiple times where you’d like them to sit.

It helps to seat family members or friends that love to talk together.

Or those that don’t have good conversations, to keep them apart.

If you know what I mean.

Place setting #2:

This one is super simple.

One white Pottery Barn dinner plate on the bottom.

A white Pottery Barn dessert plate placed on top.

The napkin is creamy white with tuape/tan stripes. Similar ones here.

I placed a faux orange pumpkin on top of the napkin.

The carved wooden name tag is tucked on the side. Here’s a link to the laser wooden name tags. Super cool!

Place Setting #3:

This table setting is for when your table is small and you need more elbow room.

Take a napkin and fold it into fourths.

Taking one corner and pulling it down to the other corner at the bottom to make a pocket.

Put the silverware inside the pocket.

I used some solid brown linen fall colored cloth napkins for this table setting. Similar ones here.

Taking the wooden laser name tag, I placed that on the folded corner.

For the base I have the wood charger.

On top of that I have a white Pottery Barn dinner plate.

I added a second blue Currier and Ives dinner plate on top of that.

This is super simple and compact.

With this idea it gives lots of room on the table for the food! Just a thought.

Table Setting #4

This table setting is an example of how you can give it a Thanksgiving look by simply adding a leaf.

The night before I collected some leaves.

They dried overnight.

I tucked one leaf inside the Pottery Barn silver napkin ring.

The beautiful Furnivals Denmark dessert plate I added on top of the white Pottery Barn dinner and dessert plate adds a sweet touch.

To compliment the blue in the Furnivals Denmark plate I added this blue Pottery Barn cloth napkin.

Thanksgiving place settings don’t have to be fancy or the perfect colors.

Use what you have.

After all the main event is the delicious food.

Taking a bit of effort to set a beautiful table just adds to the magic of the day.

But it doesn’t have to be perfect.

The reason we get together is to be together.

All the fancy things don’t matter in the scope of it all.

But a little bling may it be a simple leaf tucked in a napkin ring is just enough to bring the spirit of Thanksgiving to your gathering.

Place setting #5:

This is probably my favorite out of the bunch.

I love the blue velvet pumpkin with the orangish red leaves.

Which, by the way, came from my back yard.

So, it was free. I love that!

The blue velvet pumpkin takes this place setting up a notch! This pumpkin can be found, here.

As with some of the other place settings, I added the wood charger to start off.

Placing the white dinner plate and the blue Currier and Ives dinner plate on top.

I included a blue transferware teacup and saucer for those I know who love their coffee with dessert.

The name tag was placed on the side.

Glasses for drinks.

For a casual Thanksgiving dinner you can use mason jars.

They are super cheap, durable and fun to drink out of.

For a quick place to get mason jars is Target.

If you’re a Target shopper, you probably know this.

You can order them online and pick them up the same day. Super quick.

But for convenience I will link these ones here.

To be honest, they are expensive, in my opinion.

If you have time, the best place to find mason jars is at Goodwill.

The most I’ve spent is $2.00 per glass.

I like to collect different looking ones for a unique collection.

I’ve purchased the $1.00 wine glasses from Dollar Tree and use those for water.

Taking a string or twine I tie a name tag onto the narrow neck of the wine glass so everyone know whose is whose.

Just some ideas for easy and inexpensive ways to have fancy glasses for your gathering.

I hope you were inspired by these 5 easy ideas for Thanksgiving place settings.

To see my newest YouTube video where I share Thanksgiving table setting twist, I’m linking it below.

If you’d like to see an unconventional way to set a Thanksgiving table read it here.

For Fall DIY projects check out my Fall wreath here and my Fall basket here.

Thanks for coming by Victorian Lane Farms.

Until next time.

Bye for now.


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  1. October 31, 2021 / 6:25 pm

    So many beautiful place settings!

  2. November 4, 2021 / 8:04 pm

    #4 is my favorite!! I love the blue paired with the creamy white! So inviting and warm. Love your style, Esther. 🙂