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8 Amazing Vintage Thrift Finds I Found at Goodwill

8 Amazing Vintage Thrift Finds I Found at Goodwill

Sharing some amazing vintage thrift finds I found at Goodwill.

I’m so excited to show you these beautiful thrifted home decor pieces.

It blows me away each time I go thrifting how lucky I am to find cheap and beautiful vintage things.

Sometimes I pinch myself!

Can this be true?

But as you will see, these are wonderful finds.

I hope this will inspire you to find treasures at your thrift store.

Here are my amazing vintage Goodwill thrift finds.

No. 1 – Merry England Bowl, Creamer and Sugar Bowl.

On the shelf at Goodwill, there were lots of pieces from this collection.

They were sold separately.

I bought this cute creamer and sugar bowl set.

They were $3.99 each.

And this Merry England bowl for $4.99.

To style it, I took the creamer and placed it inside the bowl. See photo below.

I put it on top of a white cake pedestal stand on my breakfast nook table. Here’s the post how I madeover my table, here.

It reminds me of the old washing bowls from the Victorian era when they would have the big ones beside their bed or use them for washing their hands.

It looks so pretty!

The sugar bowl is placed on my plate shelf, below.

I love the look of mix matched patterns of the ironstone and transferware.

It gives it an eclectic look.

Love it!

No. 2 – 50 inch Cutting Board

Huge cutting board found at Goodwill for $9.99.

This cutting board is huge!

It was propped up on the side of the isle at Goodwill.

I didn’t even hesitate.

I grabbed it without a thought.

Did I ask myself do I need it? Nope.

I imagined it on top of this shelf, and it is perfect!

The light wood of this cutting board goes perfectly with the other woods in my kitchen.

No. 3 – Candlesticks & battery powered candles.

Candlestick found at Goodwill for $4.99.
Displaying candlesticks and candelabra on my kitchen counter.
Candlestick found at Goodwill for $4.99

These are heavy mahogany wood candlesticks with a vintage style design that spoke my name.

They were sitting on a lower shelf at Goodwill.

I didn’t care that they weren’t identical.

Both have a squared bottom which reminds me of old furniture.

It was one of those unexpected moments that made my heart sing!

Not to mention they were $4.99 each!

Another amazing thrift find!

When doing my after Christmas refresh of my home.

I placed the candelabra on my counter.

There was something missing with it being there by itself

By placing these candlesticks on either side, it brought balance.

There is something about the power of 3 that works.

Having them all three on my counter gives it an amazing presence.

The battery powered candles were $1.99 each.

They have that wax feel and glow beautifully.

What great Goodwill thrift finds!

No. 4 – 28×20 Wicker Basket.

28×20 wicker basket from Goodwill.
Cost for wicker basket is $4.99.

Baskets are one of those items I look for when thrifting.

This one above has that look.

It was $4.99 and can be used for putting books in or on my dining table to display a centerpiece.

I love to have my centerpiece to be easily moved.

I just might do that!

Not all baskets are equal.

They need to be functional to put things in.

Either on my counter, like this basket below.

Finding big baskets to put blankets in are wonderful for placing around the house.

Wicker is beautiful on it’s own.

It has a warm inviting look that adds beautiful texture in various places of a home.

Places to put baskets are endless.

I have them on either side of my sofa for games, remote, tissue or cords.

I put them in my bathrooms to hold toilet paper.

They’re used for laundry.

For a toy box under my dollhouse.

In my office to hold paper and organize the closet.

These are just a few ideas.

No. 5 – Currier and Ives teacups and saucers.

There is just something yummy about the design of Currier and Ives.

At least in my opinion.

I love the pattern of the carriage and the tiny stripes across the background.

Finding these are pretty easy.

I bought 4 teacups and saucers at Goodwill.

Each saucer and teacup set were taped together.

They were $1.99 for each set.

I took a peek on Etsy and Ebay to see how much these are sold for.

They’re wanting $10 plus shipping.

This was a great deal!

And an amazing thrift find!

I love to use these to add to the table when I have gatherings.

But when they are not in use, I will display them around my home tucked here and there.

So beautiful!

No. 6 – Antique Book & Newspaper Holder.

Walking past this at Goodwill gave me a shock!

Not everyone loves antiques.

Sometimes, it is hard to believe how these beautiful old pieces get thrown out.

But as with anything, someone else’s junk is someone else’s treasure.

This is true for this antique newspaper holder.

The wood on this is gorgeous.

The photo doesn’t pick up the old antique patina.

It has a pattern at the front and handles on the sides.

My husband and I have magazine subscriptions.

I have my Victoria magazine and my husband has a car magazine.

They get scattered around the house.

This will help keep them nice and organized.

Plus, we have books we like to read in the evenings.

It will be a perfect addition to our home.

Did I mention it was $7.99?

Now that is an amazing thrift find!

No. 7 – 3 pink Noritake Charmaine dessert bowls with gold edging.

The delicate pink flowers reminds me of the new Cottage Core craze.

I immediately thought of where I’d use these.

They are the perfect size to put a bar of soap on beside our bathroom sinks.

I placed one in our guest bathroom and the others in our master bathroom.

I bought all 3 for $3.99.

Such a sweet addition to my bathroom.

The pattern is beautiful!

No. 8 – Small porcelain girl doll.

Saving the best for last!

I have an amazing dollhouse on display in our dining room.

It’s been a highlight to our daily lives.

So, when I eyed this doll on a random shelf, I grabbed her.

She is just adorable.

Her joints are movable.

This doll is delicate and her dress is stinking cute!

She came with a metal stand, which works great to keep her up.

That blue bow in the back just adds to her cuteness.

If you know what kind of doll this is or if it’s truly a vintage antique, let me know in the comments below.

And yes, this price is right!

I bought her for $3.99.

Another one of my favorite thrift finds!

Here are the questions I ask myself when thrifting.

I don’t know about you, but it is so easy to buy things I really end up not using.

I may like it at the store but get it home and it just sits.

To keep myself on track and save money, I ask myself these questions.

Maybe this will help you, too, when you’re thrifting!

  1. Is this something I really need?
  2. Where will I put it in my home? (I envision where I’ll put it before I put it in my cart.)
  3. Do I love it?
  4. Will it go with what I already have?

These questions have helped me so much.

I posted a YouTube video sharing some of these finds. Check it out!

I hope you enjoyed seeing all my thrift finds!

For more thrift store inspirations here is a link to those, here.

My after Christmas makeover is here.

Thank you for coming by Victorian Lane Farms.


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  1. January 13, 2022 / 12:15 pm

    Your Goodwill is awesome. I can’t find things like this at ours. My mom and I drop to Jay and Brewton and still couldn’t find pieces like these. We will keep checking out new areas and enjoying the journey as we go. ☺️

    • January 13, 2022 / 4:16 pm

      Thank you! Thrifting is addicting. I usually don’t find things like this every time. We have 3 Goodwill stores close by, which is so nice! Thanks for coming by.

  2. January 13, 2022 / 4:34 pm

    hi Esther! Great GW finds!
    love you YT video!
    co vests on your 1 year blogiversary
    laura in Colorado

    • January 13, 2022 / 4:50 pm

      Thank you, Laura from Colorado! Glad you love it. And thanks for watching my YouTube video. You made my day.