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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Kids in Your Life.

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Kids in Your Life.

I’ve put together some amazing Christmas gift ideas for the kids in your life.

I’m excited to share these extensive gift ideas for kids. It was so fun putting this together.

I believe these will bring hours of fun into your child’s life.

Good bye to the iPad and TV for awhile.

It’s time to have some fun!

The list can be for both boys and girls.

Some of them are ideal for a family gift to be enjoyed by everybody.

They just might bring out the kid in you.

Note: Photos are also a link.

Gift #1: Tent & Tunnel hung from a tree.

Platform tent Link is here.

This platform tent has the capacity of holding up to 330 lbs.

It’s a giant 40″ saucer.

It can either hang on a swing set or a tree.

Comes with a tree hanging kit.

It would be a wonderful family Christmas gift.

It’s strong enough that you, too, could go for a swing.

HearthSong 6-Foot Blue Wave Hanging Woven Rope Tunnel.

Holds Up to 400 Lbs. Blue, link here.

Another great family gift idea that everyone can enjoy together.

Can be hung between two trees.

Great place to climb or hang out.

A multi purpose rope tunnel bridge that helps with core strength and balancing.

Perfect for multiple kids at once.

You will love the quality of this rope tunnel bridge.

Hearth Song is a great company. Check them out at www.hearthsong.com

Gift #2: For the adventurer who like to climb.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids Link is here.

This obstacle course is great for ages 4 and up.

This is the 2021 updated version.

Hang it between two trees and you have yourself instant fun to keep your kids busy for hours.

They just might forget their gadgets for a moment.

Maximum weight it can hold is 250 lbs.

The height can be adjusted for smaller children or raised for teens.

For the child who loves a challenge.

Ninja Warrior Ring Toss – Bean Bag TossStepping Stones for Kids Link is here.

If you don’t have two trees for the obstacle course above, try this one out.

This is a 38 piece set to create multiple obstacles to challenge and get that heart rate up.

For ages 5 to 12.

Get these out for a birthday party or when friends come over.

I love how this could be used in so many ways.

Cones are great for creating a bike obstacle course, just to name a few.

Gift #3: Go Kart & Big Flyer

HearthSong YBike Explorer 2.0 Pedal Go Kart. Link is here.

This is a must for your preteen and teen.

The seat and frame adjusts as your child grows.

For kids up to 165 pounds.

Adult assembly is required.

I love that this has a sturdy steel frame. Something you don’t see now days.

I’ve been a fan of Hearth Song for years and have enjoyed the quality from this company.

You will not be disappointed.

Check out their online store at www.hearthsong.com

They also have a catalog.

Deluxe Big Flyer, Outdoor Toy for Kids Ages 3-7 Link is here.

For age 3-7.

This is chopper style big wheel with 16″ tire.

The seat adjusts.

Radio Flyer has been around for over 100 years.

I remember the old red wagon when I was a kid.

A big wheel is so much fun to ride around.

Especially when they learn how to give it a good spin.

I’m linking a helmet for safety below.

Perfect for boy or girl.

Radio Flyer Helmet, link here.

Gift #4: Clips and Scarves to build a fort anywhere.

4 Pack of Wooden Play Clips for Kids Link here.

I had a local furniture maker create these same clips for me many years ago.

The kids I cared for in my little daycare would play with these and lose track of time.

The clips are connected with a thick rubber band.

For example, you can use a bed sheet to hang from the back of a dining chair.

Secure it with this clip.

Drape the sheet onto another dining chair and clip it. You have an instant fort!

It can make a tent, a play house, a puppet show panel.

Just prop up a sheet or blanket and use the clips to secure them.

I’ve included a link to some versatile scarves below.

You just doubled the fun by adding those scarves.

Now, your kids can be a super hero, a butterfly or a teacher.

It promotes imagination.

There is nothing like getting those creative juices going and imagining all the things a kid can think up.

It’s pretty incredible!

Scarves to drape over a table for a fort or gently tie around the neck as a cape. Link here.

As mentioned above, these scarves are versatile.

They can be used for dress up.

Draped over the head like a princess, or around the arms like a butterfly.

Made into a fort or propped up for an imaginary play house or for a puppet show.

The possibilities are endless.

Doubled with the clips above you will create more possibilities for imaginary play.

Perfect for ages 1 to 12.

Gift #5: Launching Marble Run Building Blocks

Plastic version link here.

This buildable marble block set is not only fun but a perfect learning tool.

It teaches coordination as they build to connect the holes for the marbles to go through.

This is for ages 3 to 8.

Hours of fun are to be had as those marbles spin quickly to keep those littles entertained over and over again.

Fun for grown ups, too.

Wood version link here.

For ages 4-8

The wood marble building set is a classic.

This will last for years to come.

Challenge your kids to get those marbles down the path.

It takes strategy.

But once it’s together, it is a blast to play with it over and over again.

A perfect Christmas gift for a girl and boy.

Gift # 6: Balancing beam.

For kids 2 and up link is here.

This will hold up to 400 lbs.

Your child will learn to be confident as they balance across the beams.

I love how these are connected with rope to make it easy for little hands to move them around.

They were designed for safety.

An all around wonderful gift to promote creative play all the while learning coordination skills.

These beams will keep your kids entertained indoors or outdoors.

For ages 3 and up, link is here.

I’m including this wooden balancing beam.

It’s made with solid hard maple wood and 6 inches from the ground.

Finding things made with this kind of quality is getting harder.

Perfect for that gymnast.

Gift #7: Playhouse & Tent

Cardboard Playhouse Link is here.

Get your child’s creative juices rolling with their own playhouse they can make any way they want!

Playing house is a favorite for most kids.

But adding markers to color it, makes this a winner!

It’s affordable fun.

A wonderful Christmas gift for your artist.

It can be folded down and put away.

Doors and windows open and close.

Many hours of fun.

I’m adding a link below for a big box of markers.

I love this one.

Markers to color playhouse, here.

Kids Play Tent link here.

For ages 2-8

This tent measures 49.5 x 35.5 x 49.5.

It can hold up to 3 kids at once.

Put a nice comfy chair inside for reading.

Add a table and chairs to have a snack or tea with stuffed animals.

String some lights inside.

So many ideas.

I’m linking a very sturdy chair for reading below.

And some play food and dishes that are realistic for pretend play in the tent.

This will make great memories.

Play food, link here.

That food looks good enough to eat! Yum!

Perfect to add to the playhouse above.

After all, Teddy Bear needs dinner, too. Wink!

Dishes for playing in house, link here.

I am impressed with Melissa and Doug toys!

This set is sweet!

So realistic and seems to be high quality.

Kids love pretending to cook!

Pretend cleaning tools – broom and mop kit, link here.

When they love to clean, you just have to let them.

It only lasts a moment.

Perfect to add to the playhouse above.

I love how it has it’s own stand to keep it organized.

So cute!

Kid chair for inside fort, here.

This chair is sturdy.

I’ve had some that would fall apart.

I love the gingham fabric.

The legs rock.

Perfect for reading inside the tent.

Or where ever.

I’m showing it in blue.

There are other colors to choose from.

HearthSong 32-Panel Cabin Fantasy Forts Indoor Building Kit with Sturdy 22″ Sq. Cardboard Panels and Hook and Loop Connectors, link is here.

As I mentioned above, Hearth Song is an amazing company with quality toys for kids.

I’ve owned many things over the years.

This fort kit will add hours of play for your kids.

I like how it has hook and loop connectors for easy assembly.

It’s for ages 4 and up.

Your child will gain confidence as they practice their building skills.

A wondaful Christmas gift!

Gift #8: Farm, horses and dinosaurs.

Farm Animal House Toys Playset for Kids Toddlers Ages 3-8 Link is here.

Most kids love playing with farm animals.

I love how this one is very realistic.

This is for ages 3 and up.

There are some small pieces.

It comes with 6 animals, 4 figures and a tractor.

Doug and Melissa Farm, link here.

Sharing this farm as well.

If you look up close, the animals are pretty cool.

The barn has some substantial gold latches for fine motor skills.

I love the quality of Doug and Melissa toys.

Playhouse and Stables link here.

For the horse enthusiast!

This set is outstanding.

For ages 5 to 12

70 pieces included.

It’s a dollhouse and stable set.

The Schleich company has been in business making toys for 85 years.

Click the photo above to follow the link to check out the exquisite details.

For dinosaur fans, link is here.

For age 3-8.

Dinosaurs will always be the bomb for kids of all ages.

This set has a metal box to store 14 dinosaurs and a play mat.

I love how it is portable and easy to pull out anywhere.

Would make a wonderful child’s Christmas gift.

Gift #9: For the artist.

Older child paint set with acrylic paints, link is here.

For ages 10 and up

This set is remarkable for that artist that wants to explore painting.

Comes with:

  • Full-size French Easel.
  • 2 – 16×20 canvases.
  • 3 – 11×14 canvas panels.
  • 3- 10×10 canvas
  • 108 tubes of acrylic paints.
  • 20 acrylic paint brushes.

What an amazing start for a budding artist!

This would make their Christmas!

Kid’s Art Easel – Wooden with Adjustable Double-Sided Magnetic Whiteboard Chalkboard for Kids and Toddlers, 36-53 inches, Brown, link is here.

For ages 3 and up.

Nice quality easel with a magnetic chalkboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other.

Kids love to finger paint. See link below.

I will link some rolled paper for easy painting. Just tape it on the easel.

For chalk, link here.

Magnetic Letters and numbers, link here.

These magnetic letters will give your child opportunity to practice spelling.

Perfect addition to the easel above with the magnetic blackboard.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Tabletop Paper Roll Dispenser With White Bond Paper, link here.

Crayola Washable Finger Paint, link here.

Gift #10: Hot Wheels, Race Cars and Trains.

Hot Wheels kit. Link is here.

Lastly, I cannot leave out the most popular toy ever!

Hot wheels has been a hot toy for both boys and girls since I can remember.

I remember my dad buying me my very own pink Hot Wheel car.

I’m linking this one for it’s high ratings.

Plus, as a mom, I know the importance of having a nice container to put the toys away!

Talk about hours of fun.

There is nothing like having those hot wheels flying fast through air.

You can also purchase just the roads and some hot wheels.

Put them on a chair or couch and create your own catapult.

I actually like that way more than these new ones because of the creativity putting them together.

But this one I’m linking looks rather cool.

This would make most kids Christmas!

For ages 6 and up.

Kids Toy-Electric Powered Slot Car Race Track Set, link is here.

Another big favorite. This is good for boys and girls.

But I have to tell you.

Boys go wild over this one.

It’s very addicting.

Plus, I think you just might like it, too.

It’s pretty fun!

For ages 3 to 16.

Train set for ages 2-5, link here.

Train sets are a classic kid toy.

Here is a great one for small children.

Made by LEGO.

I love how this one can be put together by little hands.

Great for fine motor skills.

For 14 years and up, link here.

Saving the best for last.

This photo does not do this train set justice.

If you have a train enthusiast, then this one is for them.

Click on the photo to learn more about this incredible train set.

This is what dreams are made of.

Astounding craftsmanship.

Smoke comes out of the smoke stack.

This would also be a perfect Christmas gift for an adult.

I hope you were inspired by my extensive Christmas gift idea for kids.

There is one thing in life, we can know for sure, we only have one chance to be a kid.

Kids are our most precious gifts in this life.

The joy of their childhood is something to be treasured.

Each moment spent creating memories, will be the thing that will remain in their hearts forever.

As much as we love to give our kids the best gifts, the most important thing above toys is spending time with you.

They would rather spend their holidays playing board games, throwing some hoops or baking some cookies with you than having all the expensive gadgets.

Although, those are wonderful memories, too, to give memorable toys.

Just know, you are the most important in your kid’s life.

I hope you were inspired to maybe put some of these gift ideas under your Christmas tree this year.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Wishing you and your family the best Christmas yet!

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Thank you for coming by Victorian Lane Farms.

Bye for now.


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    This is a great list. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been struggling with finding stuff for my boys who will he 2 on Christmas day. It seems like all the cool stuff i find is 3 and up. 🤔

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      Thank you! That’s true. It is hard finding cool toys for 2 year olds. That’s a fun age. I’m sure they are good climbers.

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    A very well rounded list of gift ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Ada
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    These are great Ideas!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!