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    1. I couldn’t see your link. So glad you love doing DIYs. It sure is a fun way to make something unique, for sure. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  1. I have been looking for a DIY link like yours to work on my diningroom for so long. This is great because I have two really ugly yellow stripe color chairs that I want blue or grayish and this looks like something I might be able to do!!

    1. You can do it! It’s really more simple than it seems. I’m not good with painting in general, but this technique does such an amazing job, it’s addicting. I’d love to hear how yours turns out. So glad you find this tutorial useful!

  2. Laurie Coppedge says:

    Hi! This looks beautiful 😀 does the fabric feel stiff or sticky from the wax that was rubbed in? Have you had to clear the painted fabric after application?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Laurie! Once the wax is fully dried, it isn’t sticky or stiff. Once you’ve painted the fabric, you have to sand it then yes, you do take a wet cloth to wipe off the dust. I hope that helps. Thanks for your questions and coming by.

  3. Rosann DeMill says:

    5 stars
    Thank-you for sharing your talents.

      1. Karen Goins says:

        Hello Ester, this is a beautiful idea for changing your decor color scheme. Can you do the same thing with patio furniture?

        1. Yes! I don’t know what kind of material your patio furniture is. But you can paint most anything. There are amazing patio furniture spray paint and paint at your local hardware store. It’s a wonderful way to refresh what you already have. Thanks for the question.

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