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  1. Louise R. says:

    I have some wonderful antique Native American turquoise jewelry that I haven’t been well enough in years to wear. The silver beads and findings are awfully tarnished, you can literally smell it. I’m assuming the cloth is what you’d recommend? I’d like to start wearing it again.

    1. Hi Louise, You could use both. If it’s really tarnished, the Weiman silver polish is what I’d recommend. I love how quickly it works on heavily tarnished silver. The necklace sounds amazing. Let me know how it works out. Thanks for coming by, Esther

  2. I have never tried the cloth, but now want to. I did not know that was even an option, thank you! I hate the smell of my silver cleaner!

  3. Your silver things look gorgeous! I’m afraid I don’t have much silver….

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