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My incredible thrift find at Goodwill plus an extra tip.

My incredible thrift find at Goodwill plus an extra tip.

Today I’m sharing my incredible thrift find at Goodwill. I’m including an extra tip.

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What is it about finding thrift store treasures?

It’s like an adrenalin rush! Especially when you find something you never imagined.

And this was no exception.

I was on a mission to find some frames for a project. Which turned out absolutely amazing, by the way. You can follow this link for that story, here.

Not only did I find massive amount of incredible frames but I found some beauties a long the way. I’m giving you a hint with this photo below.

As I walked down the isle with a cart full of frames, I came to halt!

Right in front of me was a silver candelabra. I picked it up and could feel it was heavy and was the real deal.

It needed a little bit of work to shine those babies up. But man, I was stoked!

And guess what the price was? $12.99. Score!

I added that to my cart.

But behold, my eyes fell on another candelabra, on a different shelf, as I passed by.

It was the matching one to the one I had just found.

The price said $6.99.

How could this be? This was absolutely the best thrift find ever!

I went to the cashier and guess what?

I asked for the lower price for both of them.

The cashier looked around. And nodded she’d do it!

That was beyond what I ever expected.

I bought both for under $14.00, people!

Can you believe it?

They were tarnished and imperfect.

But I knew these beauties were worth way more than I paid.

What was so amazing about this thrift store find was finding these exact items.

At that time, I was in the middle of binge watching the Downton Abbey series.

Not just for the story line but for all the inspirations of Victorian décor.

The back drop for this series is breathtaking!

If you’ve ever watched it you know about the grand lay out of the dining room table.

Silver candelabras are beautifully decked out with white candles.

It gives a romantic ambiance with the lit candles glowing.

And here were my very own candelabras.

Plus, I have a Downton Abbey style chandelier over our dining room table that completes the Victorian look.

What was the chances?


When I got these beauties home, I decided to give them a good polish.

I share two methods I used and my review of the pros and cons of each method.

You can see that post here.

After giving them a good shine, I was impressed with how spotless and shiny they turned out to be.

Showing the left that was polished next to the tarnished candelabra.


The only candles I had on hand, at the time, were these tall ones as pictured below. They worked fine until we had guests over for dinner.

We couldn’t see through them as we were talking.

I made it a mission to find shorter candles. Of course, Amazon did not disappoint.

If you’re an Amazon junkie like myself, you know it’s easy to find what you need at your finger tips.

After several days the shorter candles arrived. I took out the long candles from the candelabra and replaced them with the new ones.

You can find the shorter candles here.

In the above photo it’s hard to tell.

But it made all the difference to have these 7 inch candles.

An extra tip for getting straight candles.

Have you ever had an issue keeping your candles straight?

I definitely do regularly.

I found a good product that has worked for this purpose.

You can see above how my candles are crooked.

I applied this adhesive. It’s called Stick-Um.


You dip the end of the candle into the paste like adhesive.

I rolled it side to side and dipped the bottom part of the candle to get a good amount of the Stick-Um on the end.

It depends on your candle holder as to how much you need to apply.

Afterwards I put the candle into the holder.

I held it in place until it seemed to get firm. So far it has worked as it promises.

I hope I encouraged you to go to your local Goodwill and find your own incredible thrift finds.

And learned a new tip to get your candles to stay up straight.

If you’d like similar silver candelabras, here’s a link to inexpensive ones.

Thanks for coming by Victorian Lane Farms!


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  1. September 1, 2021 / 9:52 pm

    Oh my goodness, what an amazing find. These candelabras are so beautiful all shined up. I love the tip about the Stick-Um. I need to snag some of that for my candles at home. Love thrifting!