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The Before Of My Easy Breakfast Nook Makeover.

The Before Of My Easy Breakfast Nook Makeover.

In this post I will be sharing the before of my simple kitchen nook makeover.

This little kitchen nook is pretty as is. It just needs sprucing up. The dining table is scratched up, the curtains are old and the rug is hard to keep clean.

With these things in mind, I’m only changing four things to make this a total makeover. I love the challenge to keep within a budget. I will be sharing those inexpensive changes.

Here are the four things I will be updating.

Kitchen Nook Makeover #1

The first part of my kitchen nook makeover will be to change the rug. I love this rug. The beige color and the fringe on the ends are great. Sometimes, functionality out ways beauty.

Being in an area with a lot of traffic from the garage door requires it gets cleaned often. We crammed it into our washing machine. Without knowing how to wash it we did it anyway. It won’t be able to withstand a second wash.

The new rug we’re putting down is gorgeous. Just a little hint what it will look like. It is blue, which will connect the other blues in my home. If you’ve seen my previous post, I give you a quick peak. I can’t wait for you to see the reveal.

Kitchen Nook Makeover #2

The second change will be to paint this Pottery Barn table and two chairs. You can probably see from this photo the wear and tear from years of use.

Looking on craigslist or online for a new set it became apparent it was not in our budget.

I love the look of our current Pottery Barn set. I found it on craigslist for a hundred dollars. With a good couple coats of paint, it will look brand new.

There are places the table needs to be fixed. With some work it’ll be as good as new. Stay tuned to see how that turns out.

To see how I painted it you can go here.

Kitchen Nook Makeover #3

The third thing I will be changing is this Paris wall art. It will find a new home. In my reveal post, I’ll share where I end up putting it. I’m excited for that change, too.

What I will be replacing it with is a plate shelf. I scoured second hand stores, Amazon and various online stores. Where I ended up finding it was from Etsy. It was custom made just for me. I received it a few days ago, and it’s spot on what I imagined! I can’t wait to show it hung up!

My purpose in putting up a plate shelf is to display my beautiful collection of blue vintage plates. I’ve had my plates all over the house. Nicely stacked here and there. Just not anywhere they can be displayed and enjoyed. It’ll be fun to give them a home. The transformation will be amazing!

The final part of the makeover will be replacing the curtains. The current ones in this photo are from Pottery Barn. They are absolutely beautiful. I love the grey color and the medallion design. They have hung in several places in my home. Sadly it is time for an upgrade. All good things come to an end sometimes.

I’ll be replacing them with some thick white Ikea curtains, here’s a link. I’ve placed similar curtains throughout our house. They’re inexpensive but have that linen look I love.

Stay tuned as I will be sharing my breakfast nook makeover soon. Keep an eye out for that. You can see my other DIY projects here.


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