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The After of My Easy Breakfast Nook Makeover.

The After of My Easy Breakfast Nook Makeover.

I’m revealing the after of my easy breakfast nook makeover!

Hi friends!

Today is the day!

It’s time to share with you the after of my easy breakfast nook makeover.

I am so excited for you to finally see it.

The very first thing this makeover does for this space is brighten it up.

What do you all think?

One of the joys in creating this cheerful breakfast nook was to give my family a spot to wake up to in the mornings as they go to work.

Then to unwind after a long day.

Take off thier shoes and transition to a pleasant evening home.

This little breakfast nook is in the entrance zone from the garage.

It gets a lot of use other than a place to eat meals.

But since the makeover, the keys and unload of coats and hats doesn’t happen anymore.

I think it’s too pretty now to be the dumping zone. And I’m glad!

The biggest impact is this rug! I love how it has the blues and cream colors.

It’s super soft under the feet. The yummy details of the pattern has a classic look.

This rug completely transformed this space.

And for $79.99. That’s a good deal. Here’s a link for this gorgeous rug.

The one I have is 5’1″ x 7’6″. I’m loving how it looks. What do you think?

It’s great when my family enjoys my makeovers, too.

Like our little Maine Coon kitten who loves to plop down most anywhere.

Our Winston definitely loves this rug and most anywhere including open drawers, inside dirty laundry baskets full of clothes or anywhere he can find.

He’s hilarious!!

Don’t you think he’s such an adorable little guy?

We all love him.

One other huge impact in this breakfast nook is the wall shelf for my collection of vintage ironstone transferware dishes.

I found this wall shelf on Etsy. It was customized and built to order.

Here’s the link to the shop on Etsy, here. It’s called Randy’s Custom Woodshop.

I paid $140 plus shipping. What I love about buying from businesses on Etsy is the craftsmanship. It’s usually top notch.

Plus, what a way to support small businesses. That’s the best part.

It took awhile to wait since it was built after I ordered it.

But what a surprise when I received it.

It is solid and heavy.

The guy who built it did a great job.

My husband used heavy duty screws and made sure to secure it to our studs behind this wall.

My vision started coming together once it was hung and in its place.

The collection of my ironstone transferware finally can be showcased beautifully.

Most of my collection of ironstone has come from Goodwill.

I’ve probably spent between $1 to $6 for a lot of it.

But in all honesty there was a time before I discovered Goodwill finds that I spent good money on ironstone dishes.

Yes. Plus the shipping it was expensive.

That’s probably why I’m a big finatic now for thrift finds.

I truly know from experience how much a lot of these pieces really cost.

What a lesson to learn.

The next huge impact to my breakfast nook are the white Pottery Barn table and chairs.

The white Pottery Barn table and chairs were made over a few weekends ago.

In another post I share the before of this breakfast nook area. You can see it here.

There you’ll be able to see the Pottery Barn table and chairs in its original black color.

I debated on buying a new set but what a disappointment to find Craigslist, Amazon and other places selling similar ones for quite a bit.

It made me appreciate the ones I have.

So, the option of painting them white was inevitable.

I used Annie Sloan old white chalk paint and clear wax.

I have a YouTube video below and a post with steps how I painted them, here.

I think the white color of the wall shelf, table and chairs simply made this little nook area seem brighter. Plus, it brought a new fresh boost to our home.

Let me not forget this cute navy blue vintage chair.

Ever since I’ve been frequently thrift shopping, I am finding the most outstanding things.

This little navy vintage chair was one of them.

Isn’t it cute?

I held on to the price tag on the leg cause I just had to share this find.

It was $14.99. Yes it was. Here’s the tag.

One of the reasons this chair is a huge find for me is the fabric.

No painting required.

If you don’t know, I will paint fabric just so something will match.

You can see the tutorial how to paint a chair here. And a tutorial how to paint an antique Victorian sofa here.

Adding a few Goodwill finds to my tea and coffee cabinet made this spot more user friendly and elevated it a bit to add to this makeover.

Do you like my wall art near the floor?

I found this “love my pet wall art” at Hobby Lobby in thier %75 off isle. I couldn’t resist adding this to my makeover.

I’m a cat mom, after all, who loves her fur babies.

The Kitchen Aid mixer, found here on Amazon, has a home finally.

It’s been stuffed in the back of my kitchen cabinet.

I love using it. Now it’s easy to get to, plus, allows my counter not to be cluttered with appliances.

The white ceramic bowl was purchased separately. I love how it looks displayed on this shelf. Here’s a link for this white ceramic Kitchen Aid bowl. Besides the mixer, it is one of my favorite kitchen finds. I love it!

The tea kettle is used daily for my pour over coffee in my teapot. Here’s a link to that post.

The link for this exact tea kettle isn’t available cause I think I bought it right before it was discontinued.

It’s called a Sencor with that vintage vibe of the crystal handle.

I’ve had it for several years. Here is a link to a very similar white kettle that looks almost identical.

Putting all my tea and coffee things in this area has been so convenient.

Like the sugar free coffee syrups I love.

I’ve been cutting sugar from my daily life. It’s been great!

If you’re doing the same then I’d love to share a little slice of heaven in my cup with you.

It’s fall right now, writing this post, so it makes sense that I have several sugar free pumpkin syrups. Here’s a link to my favorites. I’m not steering you wrong, they are that good!

One of the ways I tried to make this all work together is to put these brown label stickers on the front of these jars.

Jars link is here. Brown label stickers link is here.

With a regular black sharpie I wrote the flavors of the syrups onto the labels and stuck them on the front of the jars.

Super easy.

But what I like about it is how the brown goes with the antique tan framed castle wall art.

Perfect way to make it look coordinated.

On the top of my cabinet I have this vintage looking drawer that I found at Goodwill for $14.

When I brought it home, I had no idea what I’d use it for.

I was cleaning all my teas one day and my husband, Brian, said, “Why not put them in the drawers?”

It was like the heavens opened up in that moment. What?

He’s brilliant like that. I can always depend on him giving me good ideas.


That’s how this tea drawer came into existence. And it fits perfectly on top of this cabinet like it was meant to be there.

Don’t you love how things come together sometimes?

If you’ve seen my before post of this makeover. You can see it here. Then you’ll recognize this antique tan framed castle art.

I wanted to incorporate this antique framed castle art into this makeover somehow.

The vintage cracked frame is quite exquisite. It was found at an antique store several years ago. What a beautiful find and a perfect place to put it.

Adding these off white chippy frames on the side gave this area a completed look.

I share on my YouTube channel my Goodwill haul. These were one of my finds.

The black and white photos are of my husband’s family.

The one on the bottom is his dad on a pony when he was a kid. What a wonderful photo to display.

The photo on top is a cousin he thinks. It was so long ago. Just so happy to have them out for our enjoyment then stuck in a box somewhere.

The frames cost $5.99 each. I didn’t have to paint them like I’ve done others in my home.

I’m loving the chippy paint withe the ornate details.

It goes with my Rustic Victorian look I’ve been trying to incorporate.

Lastly, I added these fall flowers and pumpkins to my table.

What I love about this is how easy it is to find orange colored flowers to bring in the season.

These flowers are great transition into fall. They’re cheery and so beautiful.

I added some nuetral pumpkins in green, tan and white.

It has impact but was super simple to put together.

On the right is an off white iron candle holder. It’s super heavy.

It gets moved around all over my home when decorating. One of my staples I use year round.

I hope you enjoyed this breakfast nook tour.

I filmed this breakfast nook makeover on YouTube. The video is below.

Thank you for coming by Victorian Lane Farms.

Go ahead and browse around my website as I have other amazing things going on.

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I love that you came by.

Have a great week.

Bye for now.


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  1. October 25, 2021 / 5:30 pm

    I love your breakfast nook. Where you started looked nice. However, painting your table set white and the wall behind it blue really makes this spice inviting. I’d love to sit there with you and a cup of tea. Such a warm space! 🥰

    • October 25, 2021 / 7:51 pm

      Thank you, Cherie. It is a cozy space. I’d love to have tea with you in person someday. God willing we just might. Thanks, friend, for your kind words.