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Find Out Easy Ways to Decorate for the Seasons.

Find Out Easy Ways to Decorate for the Seasons.

Our lives are always changing.

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It’s hard sometimes to keep up with this ever changing way of life through the seasons.

Especially in our homes.

We go through seasons that brings newness.

Sometimes they are exciting changes that refreshes our senses.

Like the beauty of Christmas.

Or that moment when all the holly jolly decorations are put away and we’re embracing with anticipation the new season of Spring.

It is an ever changing way of life.

Nothing stays the same. Our homes reflect those changes.

I’d like to share with you 5 easy and affordable things you can change out each season to have on hand for your home.

These are things that you can collect over time. Are you ready to find out what they are?

5 simple things to change throughout the seasons.

This is on the top of my list of an easy change that can have a beautiful impact.

1. Floral

Fresh flowers in the spring and summer are perfect to brighten up a room.

Here are some links to some of my favorite kinds of summer and fall flowers.

Here’s a link to white fuax flowers, here and here.

For a fall look, here are some orange flowers to bring impact to your home, here and here. I like to cut off individual flowers from a bush and use them throughout my home.

Sometimes, it’s the only thing you need to spruce up a space in your home.

Faux flowers are definitely a good investment.

You can put them away and use them year after year.

I love bringing in orange tones of floral for fall.

Flowers can be placed in any part of the home.

Like these in our guest bathroom. It livens up this little space.

Other rooms to put flowers:

  • bedroom,
  • office,
  • den,
  • library,
  • kitchen,
  • outdoor patio,
  • porch
  • on TV
  • or anywhere.

Other florals you can use each year are branches from trees.

For example, here’s an array of different kinds of branches that have berries like the photo below. Here’s a link to some red berries branch, here.

You can pick real blooming floral branches from your backyard and place them in water.

I think this is such a beautiful and simple way to give your home character.

Changing these out each season can freshen up a space in your home.

2. Transferware

Another easy and inexpensive way to decorate your home is with transferware throughout the seasons.

And yes, dishes don’t have to be just for the table.

On top of the two tier stand above, I placed this blue transferware teacup and saucer set. Here’s a link to a blue set, here.

I love how blue and orange go well together.

I have nice white dishes I use everyday.

But when it comes to putting them on my wall or placing them through out the house, I find eye catching vintage flow blue, red, green or brown transferware. Like this red platter I found, here. Gorgeous!

Or another key word is ironstone.

I have gorgeous white ironstone dishes that are so yummy.

Here I have blue matching teacups stacked on top of each other with their matching saucers underneath.

I placed them in this cloche to give them center stage. Here’s a link to this the cloche below, here.

Such an easy, inexpensive way to decorate.

I have a white metal three tier stand that I change out through the seasons. Similar one here.

In the photo below I have this stunning blue Currier and Ives set of transferware.

I love the sweet vintage details of the teacups.

I changed this during the Christmas season using red English Abbey transferware dishes.

They blend beautifully with my other Christmas decor.

Changing these out with different colors is a lot of fun and a real easy way to not be over the top.

Giving a cozy feel to a space with just a teacup and saucer is a sweet way to display transferware.

I use these and the various other teacups to drink from, too, of course.

This is a unique way to display dishes.

3. Blankets

Plush fall plaid blanket linked here.

The most cozy part on this list is blankets.

Having a blanket on your couch, on a chair or at the end of your bed, for example, is a simple change through the different seasons.

Like this one above. I bought this one from Amazon. The link is here. I love how this has the green that ties with my other colors in my living room.

Here’s a video of my living room, as I’m transitioning from late summer to fall. This is my late summer look, right now.

Subscribe to my channel to find out what I do, using these ideas, to makeover my home for fall and the other seasons coming up.

You can instantly give a room an updated feel just by adding a blanket.

Like a red plaid blanket for Christmas. Here’s a link to a cozy one, here, that I bought last year to add to my sofa.

The lodge or rustic cabin look during the holidays invites you to sit in front of a fireplace or wood stove and warm up those cold toes.

I love plaid blankets during the Christmas and New Year holiday season.

Changing out blankets each season is simple but gives an instant uplift to a room.

The huge grey chunky blanket draped on the back of our leather sofa, in the photo above, is a favorite with my family on cold winter days.

I found it at Pottery Barn for 50% off. I don’t have a link. Keep an eye out for sales cause these can be a bit pricey.

A blanket folded neatly on the side of a chair or sofa keeps them available for the next loved one.

I love that idea.

Sometimes, they can be strewn all over the house. Especially at my house most of the time.

It takes only a few minute to fold them and put them back each day.

A blanket can have a pattern that goes with the style of your home.

Like the bohemian look, for example. Link to a cozy soft one is here.

My daughter is a big fan of all things bohemian.

I love it, too.

Another idea is a fuzzy fur blanket in the dark grey to give that soft cuddly scrumptious feel like no other.

I found a similar blanket on Amazon, here.

Or this orange plaid blanket, for example, to change our home for the Fall season. Link to this plaid blanket, here.

4. Pillows

Floral pillow from Etsy. If interested how you can paint a fabric chair like this, follow this link here.

The fourth thing you can change throughout the seasons are pillows.

You can keep your furniture the same all year round but only change the pillows.

I love how easy that is.

Amazon and Etsy are my favorite places to buy pillows.

This pillow below has burlap fabric with a Christmas tree in front.

I love how neutral it is, yet has a Christmas feel.

Plaid pillows, like this one below, are a great way to give a rustic cabin feel in your home.

You don’t have to live in a quaint vintage cabin to get the look.

It’s achievable in any home.

Here is a link to the same plaid pillows, here, that I use for Christmas. This is an example of how it gives a room a cheerful look for the season.

This bench has been placed all over my home.

I love placing pillows on it to give it a cozy feel.

Embracing the Victorian side of me, I came across these gorgeous green velvet pillows that are the perfect green. I will link the exact ones here.

This is a different view of my bench, in the photo below, with a blue burlap nautical pillow and a small white, Gather, pillow. I purchased those from Etsy. For a similar, Gather, pillow you can get it here.

Simply changing pillows can give a room what it needs for the season.

5. Books

Over time I have been collecting old books.

I like to place them clustered by color or place them under something to give height or texture.

When collecting books, I try to find ones that are classic and have binding that coordinates with my other décor.

The colors I look for in a book are:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Green
  • and Red.

You can find books at a thrift store, garage sale or Goodwill for a cheap price, for instance.

If you take the cover off of a book, underneath you’ll discover a nice linen fabric, leather or nicely colored book.

It’s fun finding an interesting book and looking under the cover to find out what it looks like. I’ve found some treasures.

To make my books cohesive, I will take the cover off to reveal the beauty.

It makes the books go well together most of the time.

I know, it feels terrible at first to throw away the covers. My declutter self has embraced this practice and I just do it.

The overall appearance of the books uncovered makes it worth it.

Books add a feeling of comfort.

Like an old library.

As you walk down the isles, you can smell the vintage pages. I love that!

Over time I plan on having my own library in my home.

The photo below is the beginning of my collection of books.

I want to have enough books to fill a shelf that goes to the ceiling.

That’s a goal.

I hope this gave you ideas of things you can use to bring seasonal or decorative changes in your home.

Our ever changing homes can easily be transformed with these 5 easy changes throughout the seasons of the year.

If these ideas inspire you to do these simple changes in your home, let me know below. I’d love to hear how you incorporated them for an easy transformation for the seasons.

Thanks for coming by Victorian Lane Farms.


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